Policy Manual

Revised November 14, 2018


The Policies in this Manual were initially drafted by a Policy Committee in 2011-13, based on

a) Expansion of provisions in the Society’s Registered Constitution and Bylaws
b) Prior Board resolutions from 1997-2012
c) Remembered traditions, practices and procedures
d) Personal views and suggestions of committee Members

The initial draft was amended as required, and approved by the Board 18 July 2013.

Policies are created and amended by Board resolutions.  If any proposed resolution conflicts with an establish policy, it is the Chair’s duty to call attention to that fact before a vote is taken.

There is no provision for any “executive decision” that conflicts with established policy.

Policies are further amplified by

a) References to government laws & regulations & our Society’s registered Constitution & Bylaws (“Governing References”-left-hand column of policy document)
b) Procedural documents, such as Board organizational charts and calendars
c) Committee terms of reference (TORs) & members’ job descriptions (“Subordinate References” – right-hand column of Policy document)
d) Addenda (which may include any of the above)


Section A Definitions – (in addition to those in Board Bylaws)
Section B Membership – Active, Honorary, Life: Theatre BC, OZone, complaints, suggestions
Section C Governance – elections, meetings, appointments, TORs & JDs
Section D Financial control – budgets, bookkeeping, personal expenditures, debit cards, cheques, a/c reviewers, borrowing
Section E Communications – publicity,  information to Members
Section F Productions & workshops – planning, implementation, holdovers, supervision, festival entries
Section G Facilities – Development Plan, Powerhouse use, lighting & sound, rentals, lending and borrowing, scene shop
Section H Records & archives – Management, storage, donations
Section J Safety & Security
Addendum 1 Constitution & Bylaws
Addendum 2 Skeleton Org. Chart
Addendum 3 Outline Board Calendar
Addendum 4 Outline Committee TORs – Artistic, Costume, a/c Reviewers
Addendum 5 Code of Conduct – Harassment Procedures
Addendum 6 List of job descriptions, President, VP-Tech, VP Facilities, Sec., Treas.,

Publicity/Business Director, Directors-at-Large

Managers – Rentals, Costume Bank, Safety, Lighting, Sound, Keymaster

Addendum 7 List of job descriptions, Production team – Director; Set, Lighting & Sound Designers, Tech and Admin Producers

Section A – Definitions

(in addition to those found in the Society’s Bylaws)

Board The elected Directors of the Society, acting as a group
Director An elected Member of the Board
Directors – Elect Those Directors who have been elected in May, but who do not take office until the AGM in September
Executive An informal and misleading term referring to the Board
Facilities Land, building, equipment & supplies owned by the Society
Fiscal Year 12 months ending 30th June
Job Description (JD) The outline of the delegated authority, tasks, and reporting requirements associated with any Member’s position, as drafted by the incumbent and approved by the Board
Maintenance The schedule inspection, upkeep, repair, replacement & disposal of any Facility, (including the keeping of inventories & records)
Member An Active, Life or Honorary Member of the Society
Natural Person A person that is not a Company or other Institution
Production Period The time when a Powerhouse production has exclusive use of the auditorium, stage, control booth, scene shop, upper dressing room & sound & lighting facilities; and priority access to the green room, club room and foyer
Mission Statement Para 2 of the Society’s Constitution
OZone The Okanagan Zone of Theatre BC
Season Current season – year ending 31st August next

Upcoming season – year beginning 1st September next

Following Season – the year following the Upcoming Season

(N.B.  For greater clarity, a season is described as [e.g.] 2012/13 season)

Terms of Reference (TORs) The outline of the delegated authority, tasks, and reporting requirements of a committee appointed by the Board

Section B – Membership

Governing References


BL2.2, 2.6







Policy B1 – Active Membership

  1. Applications.  May be submitted at any time to the  Membership Director, on a form approved by the Board that includes Members’ obligations, privacy waivers, previous experience & volunteer preferences.
  2. Fees.  Must accompany the application, at the annual rate ratified at the preceding AGM,  pro-rated for the balance of the current season.
  3. Acceptance. Upon receipt of application the future Member is able to start rehearsing or other volunteer work with the theatre.. The membership application is subject to acceptance by the Board.
  4. Members must have a current membership for 30 days prior to voting on any Powerhouse business.
  5. Privileges.  Participation in Society activities & attendance at production previews.

Policy B2 – Honorary Membership

Nomination of any natural person may be submitted to the Board in writing, by any Active or Life Member.  Must be renewed at each AGM. No voting privileges

Policy B3 – Life Membership

Nomination, based on exemplary service to the Society, may be suggested by any Active Member and submitted to the Board.  Criteria for Board approval will include the candidate having been an Active Member for at least 25 years.

Policy B4 – Theatre BC/Okanagan Zone Membership

Group Membership paid by Society.  Individual fees paid by Powerhouse only as needed for participation in a Theatre BC Festival entry.

Policy B5 – Complaints & Suggestions

May be made to any Director, who will pass it on to the appropriate Board Member for action, and will ask the Secretary to include the matter in the agenda for the next Board meeting.


Application form


AGM agenda


AGM agenda


JD  Admin Prod.

Code of Conduct

Harassment Policy

Section C – Governance

Governing References

BL5,6.1, 6.2

BL4.2, 7.1, 7.2

BL 8.1




Policy C1 – Election of Directors

Nominating Committee appointed by Board in March, elections held in May.

Policy C2 – Job Descriptions

Reviewed by incumbents in April, changes approved by Board in June.

Policy C3 – Appointments, Calendar, Committee TORs

The Board must in June assign duties to all Directors, and appoint members to committees and all supervisory positions for the upcoming season

Policy C4 – Board Meetings

Monthly, scheduled in August.  Special meetings at call of Pres.  In camera sessions for privacy and contractual discussions.

Policy C5 – General Meetings

Scheduled in August for September (AGM), November, January, March, May (elections).  Special meetings at call of President.


Committee TORs


JDs, Calendar

JDs, TORs. Calendar


President’s JD


President’s JD

Section D – Financial Control

Governing References







Policy D1 – Budgets

  1. Annual budget – prepared by Treasurer, in consultation with individual Directors and appointees.  Approved by Board prior to AGM, and by Members at AGM.
  2. Production budgets – prepared by Treasurer in consultation with VP Productions
  3. Festival budgets – prepared by Treasurer in consultation with show producers.

Policy D2 – Bookkeeping

By contract, supervised by Treasurer

Policy D3 – Personal Expenditures (for Powerhouse)

Refunds authorized by Treasurer.

Policy D5 – Advances & Debit Cards

Cash advances and debit card withdrawals are permitted for production expenses only.

Policy D6 – Cheques

Signed by 2 of 3 Directors appointed by Board.  No pre-signed cheques.

Policy D7 – Account Reviewers

Appointed  by Board, report to Board by August, and to Members at AGM

Policy D8 – Borrowing (see Bylaw)


JDs Treasurer, VP Prod

JD Treasurer

Contract terms

JD Treasurer

Reviewers’ TORs


Section E – Communications

Governing References




Policy E1 – Publicity

All communications to public responsibility of Publicity  Director.

Policy E2 – Information to Members re Powerhouse activities

To be routed through Membership Director to Spotlight Editor. Supplemented by email & Members Only section of website (to include calendar, organization chart & links to Job Descriptions and Policy Manual.


JD Publicity Dir.

JDs Membership Director, Spotlight Editor,

Website Mgr.

Section F – Productions & Workshops

Governing References

BL5, 7.2.1



Safety Standards Act

Prov. Regs.

Policy F1 – Planning

  1. “Upcoming season” – In April, Board to confirm program, including
    1. Choice of shows & Directors, based on Artistic Cttee report
    2. Productions dates
    3. Number of performances & times
    4. Appointing Tech and Admin Producers for first show (in consultation with show director)
    5. Schedule appointment of Producers for remaining shows at least three months ahead
    6. Preliminary decision about Festival entries
  2. “Following season” – In May, Board to decide
    1. Length of Production Periods (see Section A – Definitions)
    2. Production dates, based on pre-planning, public holidays  and competing events; liaison with Rental Manager re: provisional bookings; provision for possible holdovers and Festival entries
  3. Artistic Committee – appointed in June to plan workshops for “upcoming season” & productions for “following season”.  Committee to report to Board monthly, and submit final recommendations in March

Policy F2 – Implementation

Responsibility of VP Prod., including support of production teams, & post-mortems

  1. Holdovers – at discretion of Board, based on recommendation of  Marketing & Publicity Director, and  in liaison with Rentals Manager and  Producer , based on 100% sell-out by opening night.  No advance publicity.
  2. Stage lighting – lighting manager to be first point of contact  for Tech Producer, Lighting Designer & operating crew,
  3. Stage sound – Sound Manager the first point of contact for    Tech Producer, Sound Designer & operating crew for any issues arising during the production process
  4. Hearing Assistance – provided free to audience Members, under control of House Manager/Head Usher
  5. Items borrowed for production – Tech Producer responsible for return in good order; any [problems to VP Tech.  Thank you notes by Admin Prod.
  6. Food & Liquor – provided at Opening night only, before show time
  7. Festival entries – Remount subject to confirmed rentals
  8. Paid Workshops – Board to approve contracts (4 Mar 13)




TORs Artistic Committee



JDs Lighting & Sound Mgrs, Tech Prod., Designers & Crew

JD House Mgr.

JD Tech Prod. &

Admin Prod.

Section G – Facilities

Governing References




BL7.2.2, 3.6.3

Prov. Regs.



Policy G1 – Development Plan

Board to prepare a 5-year plan, and review annually

Policy G2 – Maintenance

Purchases at discretion of VP Facilities (within budget line items)

Equipment disposal recommended to Board by VP Facilities

Policy G3 – Stage Lighting

Equipment, instruments, cabling & light bars to be the responsibility of the Lighting Mgr.

Policy G4 – Sound Equipment (inc. Hearing Assistance)

To be the responsibility of the Sound Manager.

Policy G5 – Loans

  1. Of lighting, sound or scene-shop equipment must have the  approval of VP Facilities
  2. Of costumes or props must have the approval of VP Productions

Policy G6 – Theatre Rentals

  1. Contract form approved by Board, signed by Rental Mgr.
  2. Excluded facilities – Costume Bank, Props Room & contents, Office, Former Dark Room, Outside store room, Scene Shop equipment & supplies
  3. Firm bookings for “Upcoming Season” available in May of current season, deposit non-refundable
  4. Provisional bookings available  for “Following Season”, subject to priority Powerhouse use (refundable deposit)
  5. Supervisory Technicians (Powerhouse Members) approved by Board, paid by tenant; duties to include protecting Powerhouse interests. May use scene shop equipment & supplies.
  6. House Manager, approved by Board, paid by tenant, to be present when audience in.  To provide hearing assistance equipment in return for deposit (car keys, credit card etc).
  7. Service of food and alcohol subject to Provincial regulations
  8. Tenants to receive safety briefing (inc. special effects) by hired Supervisory Technician.

Policy G7 – Costume Bank

  1. Management – contract position, appointed by Board
  2. Donations – acceptance at discretion of Manager.  Donors to be advised that retention & disposal is at Powerhouse discretion
  3. Disposal – at discretion of Costume Committee
  4. Rental limitations – other non-profit & artistic groups & schools (by appointment). No rentals to general public

Policy G8 – Scene Shop

Private use by Members at the discretion of VP Facilities.



JD VP Facilities

JD Lighting Mgr.

JD Sound Mgr.

JD VP Facilities

JD VP Prod.

Contract form

JDs Rentals Mgr.

& VP Facilities


JDs Supervisory Techs.

JD House Mgr.

JD Supervisory Tech

Contract form

JD Costume Mgr

TORs Costume Committee

JD VP Facilities

Section H – Records & Archives

Governing References  


Policy H1 – Management

Archives Manager to be appointed by Board

Policy H2 – On-site Storage

  1. Archival files & images
  2. Current administrative files – in office
  3. Minutes of meetings (except in camera minutes) – in office

Policy H3 – Off-site Storage

  1. Financial records & digital copy of images (Candox backup system)
  2. In camera minutes – bank safety deposit box

Policy H4 – Museum Donations

At discretion of Archives Manager or Costume Bank Manager


JD Archives Mgr

JD Treasurer

JD Treasurer

JD Club Photog.

JDs Archives  &

Costume Bank Managers

Section J – Safety & Security

Governing References

Fire Regs.

City Restrictions




Policy J1 – Safety

Safety Officer appointed by Board; if not a Director, supervision & incident reporting via VP Facilities

Policy J2 – Security

  1. Surveillance, internal doors & cupboards, VP Facilities
  2. Main entrance – keys & codes by Keymaster
  3. Alarm response after hours by contractor

Policy J3 – Safety

Our membership captures people of all ages. To reduce legal implications and safety concerns we will not permit distribution of Powerhouse Theatre keys to minors and/or vulnerable adults. We will not allow this group to be in the building unsupervised.

Minor: Person under the age of 19

Vulnerable adult: a person aged 16 or over whose ability to protect himself from violence, abuse or neglect is significantly impaired through physical or mental disability or illness, through old age or otherwise.


JD Safety Officer, JD VP Facilities

JD VP Facilities

JD Keymaster

Contract terms