2010 Harlequin Award

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The “Harlequin Award” for Outstanding Service to the Powerhouse Theatre, consisting of a keeper award and name engraved on a plaque in the lobby, is given in recognition of dedication and time spent beyond the scope of regular production or executive duties.

This year, Powerhouse Theatre recognized two of its members for their exceptional devotion to the Theatre over the years.


Lorraine Allum for the work that she has done over the years managing and organizing the vast amount of memorabilia that our theatre has collected in its archives. This is an enormous task and Lorraine’s efforts are appreciated by everyone. Lorraine is also the Awards Chair for the O-Zone Board. Thanks Lorraine. 

smacleanSarah McLean for her exceptional leadership during the past year as president keeping almost all her fingers in the holes in the proverbial dyke to ensure that the Powerhouse ship remained stable during some difficult transitions. Sarah is also the Powerhouse rep on the O-Zone Board. Thanks Scotty.

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