Job Descriptions

Production Job Descriptions

Administrative Producer

Collaborating with the Technical Producer, The Administrative Producer oversees a variety of administrative tasks and personnel necessary to the fabrication of the production from inception through performance.

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The Director works with producers and the creative team to orchestrate the mounting of the play or musical by unifying the many varied endeavours and aspects of production.

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Technical Producer

Collaborating with the Administrative Producer, the Technical Producer manages the technical production team responsible for the fabrication of the performance from inception through performance.

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Stage Manager

Collaborating with the director, the Stage Manager organizes and coordinates all aspects of the theatrical production to ensure the smooth execution of each performance.

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Costume Designer

Working with other members of the creative team, the Costume Designer creates costumes for each character by designing clothes and accessories the actors will wear in performance.

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The Costume Sewer

Working with the costume designer, the Costume Sewer acquires or arranges for costumes worn by actors during a production, and, as needed, sews, and makes alterations to the costumes.

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Costume Dresser

The Costume Dresser is involved back stage to assist actors with costume changes and maintaining the quality and look of the costumes during the performance.

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Lighting Designer

A theatre Lighting Designer collaborates with the director and creative team to create the lighting, atmosphere, and time of day for the production.

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Sound Designer

In consultation with the director, the Sound Designer plans and provides the music and/or sound effects in the play, and manages all necessary equipment to create the soundscape of the production.

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Set Designer

In collaboration with the Director, The Set Designer designs the set or sets for the play, providing detailed drawings for the Set Construction crew and Set Décor crew.

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Set Décor

Decorates set – including floor and wall coverings, furniture and all items that are not picked up by actors.

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Foyer Design

Working with the administrative producer, set designer and director, the Foyer Design team replicates the mood and style of the production within the foyer display-the first visual statement the audience encounters upon arriving at the theatre.

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Props Manager

In coordination with the director and set designer, The Properties Master accesses and coordinates the large number of physical items used by actors onstage during a production.

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Opening Night Coordinator

The Opening Night Coordinator arranges for drinks, light appetizers and other refreshments to be served in the foyer prior to the opening night performance.

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Preview Night Coordinator

In consultation with the Administrative Producer, the Preview Night Coordinator facilitates invitations to members, schools and other invited guests to the Preview Night performance and acts as Front of the House Manager during that performance.

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Final Night Party Coordinator

The Final Night Party Coordinator arranges for food and other refreshments to be served to the cast and the crew (and their spouses and dates) as well as the Powerhouse membership following the final performance of the production.

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Bar Manager

The Bar Manager will manage the foyer wine bar, foyer concession and green room concession.

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Front of House Manager

Consulting with the Stage Manager, the Front of House Manager coordinates other front of house volunteers in the operation of the theatre during the night’s performance.

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Set Construction Head

In consultation with the director, set designer technical producer and stage manager, the Set Construction Head is responsible for the building and strike of all physical elements of the production’s set.

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Special Effects Coordinator

In collaboration with the director, technical producer and creative team the Special Effects Coordinator designs and implements special effects not readily conveyed through sound and lighting alone.

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Hair Dresser

The Hair Dresser is responsible for the design and execution of hairstyle and color for cast members appearing on stage.

Make-Up Artist

The Make-Up Artist is responsible for preparation and application of make-up to cast members.

Lighting Operator

Working under the direction of the Stage Manager, the Lighting Operator works in the booth to operate the light board following a pre-determined set of cues while the play is in progress.

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Sound Operator

Working under the direction of the Stage Manager in the booth, the Sound Operator cues predetermined sound effects and music using the sound board to create the soundscape for the production

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Set Construction Crew

The Set Construction Crew works under the direction of the Set Construction Head for the pre-production building and post-production strike of all physical elements of the production’s set.

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Stage Hands

As needed, the Stage Hands follow the cues of the Assistant Stage Manager to move the set, remove and set props, assist with costume changes and other duties necessary to the successful execution of each scene in the play.

Board Appointments

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator supports the Powerhouse Theatrical Society to assist in the delivery of its programs and services by ensuring a diverse pool of members. This includes directly coordinating members and/or providing guidance, support, resources and tools to members.

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Executive Job Descriptions