Makeup/Hair Coordinator

Makeup and hair coordinator is responsible for the purchase of annual supplies of makeup, wigs, hairpieces etc. and to assure all actors makeup and hair is done to the total satisfaction of the director for each performance.

As a matter of interest, for new coordinators, main stock consists of Bob Kelly creams, Leichner sticks and powders, both in several basic shades.

It is suggested the coordinator have a trainee during productions to hopefully have the
individual gain sufficient knowledge and confidence to perhaps handle a future production on their own.

Sometimes the person who does the hair is separate from the makeup person.


  1. Read script to define characters. Understand styles of the period. This can be researched at the library.
  2. Attend early production meetings.
  3. Confer with the producer to determine budget. Don’t purchase unnecessary supplies.
  4. Confer with the director regarding special effects or requirements for the play.
  5. If play requires special makeup or unusual colors order supplies early. Some items have to come from the States and take awhile to arrive.
  6. Determine sundry requirements such as creams, eyebrow pencils, tissues etc. These are sometimes donated by a local drug store. Purchase any sundry items not donated. Ask actors to supply their own mascara in order to avoid cross contamination and possible infection.


  1. Attend rehearsals well in advance of technical rehearsals. Get to know your cast and the characters they play.
  2. Arrange a make-up or hair night with the director to try out various ideas. Or work on one actor a night to experiment on.
  3. Help cast members as much as possible. Encourage all cast members to do their own make-up. Its part of their craft. Hair will probably have to be done for the actors each night.
  4. Be on hand during technical rehearsals for changes of color or adjustments and any suggestions (praise or criticism) from the director. Stay for notes after each rehearsal. Many men need help with eyeliners but teach them how to apply.


  1. Be on hand or arrange help for cast during the run of the play. Again encourage all actors to do their own makeup and hair. You might be able to leave at 8:00pm during the run if you are not needed during the play.
  2. The actors are to tidy up their own space each night after the performance. Leave all make-up out on counter putting lids on containers that need to be capped. Leave cards, flowers and other personal things undistributed.


  1. Clean all brushes, powder puffs etc. either by washing in hot soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Clean out all makeup trays and hair items.
  2. Return supplies to makeup cabinet, match up supplies, leave as neat and tidy as possible.
  3. Wash all counters and clean mirrors.
  4. Be sure all outstanding bills and/or receipts are turned in to the administrative producer.
  5. Please return job description manual and keys to the technical producer.

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