Sit as a decision making member of Powerhouse Theatrical Society Board of directors and participate in all matters related to the sound management and fiscal responsibilities of the society.

Additionally, carry out the duties for the specific function of record keeping, collection of dues communication with the Board, production teams and the membership by ensuring the following:

Maintain Membership Records

  1. Keep track of membership dues and prepare deposit for accountant/bookkeeper
  2. Compile a list of members and continue to keep an updated list available for use by the Board and others.
  3. Keep Membership database updated.
  4. Keep Spotlight Editor up to date with Email addresses of all members.

Collection of Membership Dues

  1. Ensure that all Board members have paid membership dues.
  2. Attend workshop registrations to sign up new members
  3. Be Present at each play reading, or first rehearsal to encourage cast and crew to become members and collect form and membership dues.
  4. If not able to attend, then appoint someone within the Production team to collect membership forms and dues.
  5. Ensure that all cast and crew in Festival shows are members.

Additional Duties

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Mail membership cards and welcoming letter to new members.
  3. Provide lists of members interests to Production personnel as required.
  4. As a ‘Member at Large’ be prepared to participate in additional activities as requested by the Board.


There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.