1. Read the script and become familiar with the play.
  2. Consult with director/set designer as to style, mood and interpretation. Be available for pre-determined production meetings.
  3. Order appropriate film, paper, chemistry, etc. Estimate cost and confer with the administrative producer.
  4. Arrange with director and/or assistant director and technical producer or stage manager a suitable time to take portraits of new cast and crew members for use in foyer, program etc. and remind them extra make up is desirable for portrait photographs.
  5. Arrange suitable date for production photos, preferably when set, costumes, hair, makeup etc. are complete. Consult with director regarding time needed/available for photo session.
  6. Arrange with director and stage manager a night chosen for portraits so the cast and crew can be advised and prepare for it.
  7. Be aware of your budget. Keep receipts and keep within limit.


  1. It is desirable to attend a few rehearsals prior to production photographs.
  2. Be available for production meetings.
  3. Consult with director regarding special photos to be taken.
  4. Have photos developed and ready for mounting by pre-determined date.
  5. Instruct foyer person on correct mounting techniques for specific papers and perhaps assist in mounting. All photos mounted on foam core.
  6. Enter all the photographs in the theatre computer.


  1. You’ll possibly be required to take color slides after a performance one night during the run. Arrange a time with the producer and director. This is usually a late night for all concerned. Ask director or stage manager to have a list of poses ready, starting at the end of the play and moving forward. Ask stage manager to be on hand to assist with getting the actors ready for the next photo.


  1. Hand in all receipts and bills to administrative producer.
  2. Turn job description manual to producer.

NOTE: There is a dark room in the theatre. Contact the photography manager.

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