Ben Hur

Written by Patrick Barlow
Directed by Tanya Laing-Gahr

Directed by Tanya Laing Gahr, technical direction by Rusty Gahr, and featuring Gabriel Newman, Cliff Lattery, John Lomas and Ali Baloun. Ben Hur is a hilarious comedy about a troupe of overconfident performers doing their best to mount an epic for the ages … to varying degrees of success.

They said it was unachievable! They said it couldn’t be done! But now the greatest book ever penned is brought to the stage by a towering team of just four actors – turning a theatre near you into one of the most authentic versions of Ancient Rome ever seen! Complete with:

Stunning combat (featuring the latest 3D technology – suitable for all ages)!

A 100%-bona fide chariot race (with REAL chariots)!

An authentic sea battle (with REAL water)!

Ben Hur is the epic set to stir your very soul.

May 12 – 14 @ 7:30pm
May 15 @ 2:00pm
May 19 – 21 @ 7:30pm

Tickets are $30

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Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre2 hours ago
Only one night left to see Ben Hur by Patrick Barlow, a wild, outrageous, clever play-within-play. You won’t want to miss out on this talented group of actors, crew, and artistic minds who have brought this chaotically hilarious production to life!

Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre2 days ago
Check out this interview with our intrepid "Ben Hur" director, Tanya Laing Gahr. Todd Sullivan of the Telus Storyhive Summer Crew met with Tanya to get the inside scoop behind this riotous production! (Then hurry over to https://www.ticketseller.ca/tickets/event/ben-hur for your tickets - only 3 nights remaining!)

Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre is with Gabriel Newman and 2 others at Powerhouse Theatre.2 days ago
Powerhouse Theatre
Only three chances left to see this hilarious take on Ben Hur by Patrick Barlow, May 19-21 at Powerhouse Theatre! Don’t miss out!


📸 by Barry Goodsell
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre6 days ago
The many faces of our own Ali Balloun…
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre1 week ago
Thank you for your glowing review, Anasuya! We hope to see many more smiling faces in our audience over the next week and a half. You have until May 21 to see the uproarious comedy, Ben Hur by Patrick Barlow!