A video message from Diane Llewelyn-Jones
Powerhouse President

Powerhouse Family Performance Announcement

Dear Powerhouse Members . . .

At our Board meeting on Tuesday Jan 9th, we discussed important changes that we hope you will appreciate. Keep in mind we are trying to:

  1. Increase and attract new audiences 
  2. Recognize the work, and say thank you to the cast and crew and their families. 
  3. Have more social events 
  4. Honour all our members by creating a special performance where, if they wish they can meet the cast and crew, and enjoy a reception with them and their families in the Green Room afterwards.

So, for the current play the weekend before we open will look like this:

  • Sunday Matinee, Feb 18th – Cast and Crew Families + Powerhouse Membership, Curtain 2:00 pm. Reception for all afterwards in the green room. Nibblies and no host bar.
  • Monday, Feb 19th – DARK
  • Tuesday, Feb 20th – Preview – High school Students + Seniors + invited guests. 7:30 curtain. Talk Back will occur after the show.
  • Saturday, Feb 24th – Relaxed Performance. Matinee at 2:00

If you would like to volunteer to help out with our Powerhouse Family Show receptions, we’d love to have you! The idea is to have the reception match the theme of the show. (For instance – for The Importance of Being Earnest, we thought afternoon tea would be fun).

Please submit your interest, or if you have any questions or suggestions, to info@powerhousetheatre.net. We hope you know that we are really are trying to get it right!

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you at info@powerhousetheatre.net. Thank you!

Thanks, Scotty Mclean and Diane Llewelyn-Jones

Involvement and Volunteer Opportunities


As our Powerhouse Society grows and changes with the times, our governing structure adjusts as well. As a result, our governing roster is in need of Members to fulfill the following positions:


Family Shows / Post-Performance Events – At least three individuals to organize the get-together and after-show munchies for the cast/crew and their families, as well as the Powerhouse members who attend the Family Shows.


Family Show Membership Coordinator – Reach out to Powerhouse members with invitations to attend Family Show performances and track responses/attendees.

Workshop Coordinator – Organize attendees, work with the presenter to best meet their needs, prepare the workshop space (and return to pre-workshop status), and submit a brief post-workshop report.

Scholarship Coordinator – Outreach to high schools and talent schools to encourage applications for theatre scholarships from Powerhouse, and administer related paperwork.


Our marketing and advertising presence in the community requires more attention and expertise each year. Radio, flyers, and posters have been augmented and surpassed by social media, physical community outreach, and having an online presence. The Marketing responsibility now carries 13 titles. As many hands make light work, the Board is looking for those who have an interest and/or experience in the following areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Print/Radio/Posters
  3. Programs
  4. Online Media (other than Facebook)
  5. Fairs and Events / Community Outreach – having a presence at activities and events within our city

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities or would like more information, please reach out to info@powerhousetheatre.net.

Powerhouse Management Volunteers

Did you know that there is a group of really dedicated people who make the Powerhouse Theatre run year round? We thought you might appreciate knowing our Volunteer Managers. We would like to acknowledge their consistent efforts to make sure our facility is always ready to go for both productions and other activities.

Powerhouse Executive
Diane Llewelyn-Jones – President
Sarah (Scotty) Mclean – VP Productions
Cara Nunn – VP Facilities
Richard Kerton – Treasurer
Darcy Frost – Secretary

Director of Marketing
Jeff Kirkham

Social Media Manager
Emily MacArthur

Membership Coordinator
Lesley McCoy

Artistic Committee
Kristine Larsen (Chair)
Brandice Moore
Christopher Marioni
Morgan Hillis
Sharilyn Poole

Rentals Manager
Bob Oldfield

Front of House Manager
Joan Karstensen

Bar Manager
Mike and Maureen (Mo) Ruscheinsky

Costume Manager
Joan Sasges

Hair and Make-up Manager
Jodene DeVan

Props Room Manager
Laura Wright

Scene Shop Manager
Bob Rinaldi

Grid Manager
Kelly Ingersol

Sound Manager
Bob Oldfield

Lighting Manager
Rusty Gahr

Scene Shop Crew
Lorne Tregaskis
Eugene Leveque
John Ravensbergen
Gord Bannerman
Dave Brotsky

Photography Coordinator
Dave Ellacott

Preview Night Coordinator
Val Heuman

Carol Jenkins
Wendy Stevens

Thank you to our staff Administrative Assistant for all she does for our organization! 

Laura Bloom

Artistic Committee Update

Welcome to our new Artistic Committee

Our callout for our Artistic Committee was very successful. From all of the submissions, we were able to create a solid committee of five members:

  • Kristine Larsen (Chair)
  • Morgan Hillis
  • Chris Marioni
  • Brandice Moore
  • Sharilyn Poole

The AC has been meeting often to get our next two production years off and running, and will be presenting their ideas for the 2024/2025 season to the board in March.

We congratulate them on their efforts as they are taking very seriously the call to create the Powerhouse Theatrical Society’s artistic vision for each season of plays that bring a balance of engagement, growth, and retention for Audiences, Artists and Members. In designing each season, they research the playwright, consider all design aspects and historical components, and match them to the physical and talent resources within the Powerhouse and Vernon community.

We hope you received the AC survey and offered your thoughts regarding the artistic direction of Powerhouse.

Powerhouse Facility Update

The fall of 2023 saw some activity within our building. As it ages, we have things coming up that have posed challenges.

The Roof

The first challenge was to pinpoint the leak over the foyer stairs. I had a roofing company come once for a consult and twice for a fix. It seems to be holding in that spot, but we recently sprung a leak in a different spot. I believe that to be from an ice dam in this last cold spell. The roofers said that the roof looks good overall. They also replaced and reattached the trim that had blown off in a major wind. It looks neat and tidy and secure once again.

HVAC System

We have been limping along with one really old HVAC system that provides heat to the Clubroom and parts of the foyer. I have managed, with our service provider, to scavenge parts to keep it running through last winter. However, we have just received a sizable grant that now allows us to upgrade this system. Replacement should start shortly. We can stay warm and cool in our most used space!

Fly Lines

In the same vein, the Christmas show posed some problems with squeaky fly lines. Kelly Ingersol, with Richard Kerton standing by, managed to get up into the ceiling and complete some spot repairs and much needed lubrication of the pulleys. We are also planning a day to take apart the winches that control the LX lines and service them. It has been too many years since that has happened.

Fire Prevention

We continue to improve our building on the outside to meet the suggestions of the Fire Department which has seen a sharp increase in fires from homeless folks setting fires in back doorways and loading docks. The hope is that the loading dock can be replaced with concrete by our great team of construction fellows. The engineers will be consulted first and we will ensure that it is all up to code and fireproof! There are other areas outside that need some fireproofing which we will continue to address over the next few months.

Stay safe and warm!

Cara Nunn, VP Facilities

The Importance of Being Earnest Cast and Crew

Director Emily MacArthur


Jack Bron Johnson
Algernon Devon Wheelhouse
Gwendolen DeAnna MacArthur
Cecily Ellen Campbell
Lady Bracknell Janet Anderson
Miss Prism Heather Boyd
Dr. Chasuble Chris Iversen
Lane Josh Pord
Merriman/Footman Douglas Edgar


Admin Producer Diana Horsley
Marketing Jeff Kirkham
Program Diana Horsley
Poster Wayside
Photographer Kelly Winston
Foyer Teresa Mackiewich
Front of House Joan Karstensen
Preview/Raffle Val Heuman
Bar Managers Mike and Maureen RuscheinskyMikeand
Maureen Ruscheinsky
Final Night Pip Jordan


Production Manager Trish Bennett
Lighting Sharilyn Poole
Assistant to the Director Liz MacArthur


Set and Sound Cara Nunn
Lighting Jessika LaFramboise
Costumes Darcy Frost (head), Joan SasgesDarcy Frost (head),
Joan Sasges
Properties Morgan Hillis


Sound/Light Operator Trish Bennett
ASM Dave Ellacott
Backstage Belinda Baycroft, Tara Steck, Carol Mann, Jean BlackwellBelinda Baycroft,
Tara Steck, Carol Mann,
Jean Blackwell
Set Construction John Ravensbergen(head), Bob Rinaldi John Ravensbergen
Bob Rinaldi
Set Decor Sarah McLean (head), Susan Johnson, Lonnie Bedard, Shannon March, Sandy EdgarSarah McLean (head),
Susan Johnson,
Lonnie Bedard,
Shannon March,
Sandy Edgar
Hair Suzanne Roberts
Makeup Jean Given

Callout – Front of House / Earnest

Callout for volunteers – Front of House

The Importance of Being Earnest – February 21 – March 2, 2024

If you are able to assist with Front of House duties, please submit your name to info@ powerhousetheatre.net. No experience necessary, brief training is provided.

Looking Forward To

Cottagers and Indians by Drew Hayden Taylor (Curve Lake First Nation)

A word from Tanya Laing Gahr, Director

This is a pivotal moment in the history of what we collectively call Canada, where Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples is paramount in addressing some of the biggest issues of the day. And key to Reconciliation is awareness of the impacts—both past and present— of nation-building on Indigenous Peoples.

This gentle, touching and hilarious play invites audiences to understand the tensions that continue to exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous realities through the lens of an ongoing issue occurring in the Kawartha Lakes in Ontario. An Indigenous man, Arthur Copper (Duane Marchand from Okanagan Indian Band), has taken it upon himself to repopulate the nearby lakes with wild rice, known amongst the Anishnawbe as manoomin, much to the disapproval of the local non-Indigenous cottagers, Maureen Poole (Kristine Larsen) in particular. She feels the plant interferes with boating, fishing, swimming, and is generally an eyesore that brings down the property values of her cottage and those of her neighbours.

Cottagers and Indians is warm, funny and ultimately hopeful, offering us a chance to learn about each other through the power of a good story.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Recap

It’s a Wonderful Life was a Wonderful Show!

We finished a financially successful production of It’s a Wonderful Life and performed to sold out audiences. Everyone involved was very happy with the outcome. Congratulations to the cast of diverse ages and experience. All did great! The show had a very intricate set and was highly technical. The Tech crew did an amazing task of designing the production and making it work! Thank you to Jackson Mace and the Admin crew for pulling it all together and bringing smiles to our Christmas 2023 season.

New Powerhouse Members

We warmly welcome Michelle Johnson and Matt Ingouille, both from Vernon.

So glad you have joined the Powerhouse team!

Blast From The Past

The upcoming production of The Importance of Being Earnest is a farce and we have enjoyed producing several farces at Powerhouse over the years. Enjoy this walk down memory lane.

A Flea in Her Ear – 1973



No Sex Please, We’re British – 1981



Noises Off – 1989



Lend Me a Tenor – 2011



A Flea in Her Ear – 2014



Unnecessary Farce – 2016



Self Help – 2022




From Powerhouse Theatre to you and yours

Stay well and see you very soon!

Thank you for being a part of Powerhouse Theatre!

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