1992 – 1993 Season

About The Play

Adapted from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

DatesDecember 3 - December 12, 1992
DirectorSarah McLean
  • Producer

    Maureen Ruschiensky

  • Producer

    Rosemary Watkins


Marley Jim Brown
Scrooge Dave Abbott
Bob Cratchit Bob Oldfield
Fred (Scrooge’s nephew) Sean Harvey
Thin Man / Adult Scrooge Dennis Rackliff
Woman Do-Gooder / Peter Cratchit Loren Letourneau
Ghost of Christmas Past Mary Kay Day
Ghost of Christmas Present Patrick Allwood
Ghost of Christmas Future Mary Kay Day
Adolescent Scrooge Simon Astin
Fan / Want Kelly Clarke or Amelia Sirianni
School Master Willem Roell
Mr. Fezziwig / Old Joe Chris Bayne
Mrs. Fezziwig / First Woman Thelma Bailey
Dick Wilkins / First Man Gary Lepine
Fezziwig Daughter / Fred’s Wife / Mrs. Dilber Laurel Lepine
Belle (Scrooge’s lost love) Sheryl Bossons
Boy / Adam Chris Treller
Mrs. Cratchit Lynda Reid
Belinda Cratchit Morven McClean
Peter Cratchit / Bobby Cratchit / ignorance Nathan Letourneau
Martha Cratchit Kay Sigalet
Tim Cratchit Logan Mandrek


Set Design Sarah McLean
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Lighting Director/Operator Dave Brotsky
Spot Operators Jasminder Kahtra, Troy Walker
Lighting Crew ChrisYoung, Frederika Roell, Chris Treller
ASM Joan Sasges
Set Construction John Mussenden
assisted by Mary Kay Day, David Jones, Shelley Abraham, John Sherwood, Wendy Stevens, Willem Roell, Murray Tyreman, Troy Walker, Eric Watkins, Dick Pearson
Set Décor Ruth Astin
assisted by Lin Oldfield, Linda Ireland, Emma Oldfield, Thelma Bailey, Wendy Stevens
Costume Design Lorraine Johnson Brotsky
Costume Construction Lorraine Johnson Brotsky, Urstla Klassen, Donna Brown, Pat Svard, Della Sasges, Darlene Orr, Annette Pollock, Sandi Simpson
Sound Randy Jones assisted by Jason Terry
Properties Marion Morrison, assisted by the following Thelma Bailey, Katherine Eyre, Jeff Morrison, Glen Morrison, David Martin
Make-Up Katherine Ryre, Mary Simpson
Hair Leanne Arabia, Jody Lynn Bolduc
House Music Gray Biggins
Pianists Toni Rose, Rosemary Watkins
Slide Photography Gary Lepine
Special Effects Mask Marni Minosky
Skeletal Hand John Sherrington
Photography Dave Wallden
Poster Sharen Rogers
Publicity Sandi Cross
House Nancy Siver
Preview Angela Rogers
Foyer Joan Sasges
Program Penny Bayne, Lorraine Allum
First & Final Night Kate Yochim
Bar Rosemary Watkins
A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley Poster

Production Photos