1973 – 1974 Season

About The Play

A Flea in Her Ear was performed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Powerhouse. Special guests included local dignitaries and television star Bruno Gerussi.

DirectorPaddy Malcolm English
  • Producer

    Lorraine Galloway

  • Assistant Producer

    Wendy Stevens


Camille Chandebise Edgar Dobie
Antoinette Plucheux Arlena Dodd
Etienne Plucheux Ross Darnel
Dr. Finache Bill Allum
Lucienne Homenides De Histangua Isoble Cole
Raymond Chandebise Mary Huggins
Victor Emmanuel Chandebise Dennis Learey
Romain Tournel Dave Abbott
Carlos Homenides De Histangua Rod Christensen
Eugenie Scotty Perry
Augustin Feraillon Cliff Faulkner
Olympe Lorraine Allum
Baptistin Roger Michel
Herr Schwarz Willem Roell
Poche Dennis Learey
Guests at The Hotel Coq d’Or Wendy Stevens, Tami Burgess


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Doug Huggins
ASM Otto Wickstrom
Script Assistant Maureen Hoskyn
Properties Sue Abbott, Kim Martel, Deana Rempel
Lighting Mike Huggins, Peter Reeves
Sound Gordon Galloway, Brenan Sasges
Costume Design Vivien Frow
Costume Construction Sharon Wickstrom, Buzz Ross, Shirley Smith, Nancy Siver, Lynn Roddis and other members of the group
Stage Crew Doug Huggins, Bob Satterthwaite, Lucien Martel, George Sivers, Norman Galloway, Doug Ross, Kathy Yochim, Ken Burgess
Publicity Pamela Harford, Arlena Dodd
Program Gwen Learey
Tickets and Box Office Val Redstone
Make up Jo Jones, Annette Reeves, Kathy Dobie
House Yvonne Grindler, Lorna Faulkner
Production Photography Leigh Perry
Speech Consultant Phyllis Kayser
First Night Audrey Oxley, Margaret Wood, Bill Oxley, Al Wood, Peter Bulman, Rita Potter
Hair Styles Ken Brown

Production Photos