2013 – 2014 Season

About The Play

The plot follows Raymonde, the wife of Victor who has begun to suspect her husband of cheating on her. The clues are there for her to see, but she is unaware that he has perfectly valid excuses for all of them. However, keen to learn the truth, she decides to set up a trap alongside her friend Lucienne to lure him into meeting with another woman. The plan backfires when Victor sends another in his place, with more and more people added to the mix until a mass of embarrassed faces are left scratching their heads.

DatesApril 30 - May 10, 2014
DirectorMonty Hughes
  • Producer

    Willem Roell

  • Producer

    Diana Horsley


Camille Chandebise Justin Kopy
Antoinette Plucheux Sylvie Milette
Etienne Plucheux Howard Joynt
Dr. Finache Bob Chamberlain
Lucienne Homenides de Histangua Monica Kleyn
Raymond Chandebise Bev Steeves
Victor-Emanuel Chandebise Kelly Winston
Romain Tournel Matt Brown
Carlos Homenides de Histangua Mathew MacLaren
Eugenie Patty Garrett
Augustine Feraillon Dave Sayer
Olympe Elaine Barling
Batistin David Jones
Herr Schwartz Clif Heinrichs
Poche Kelly Winston
Guest at the Hotel Colin Carney


Set Design Eugene Leveque
Lighting Design Jessika LaFramboise
Costume Design Joan Sasges
Sound Design Dan Oldfield
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Sound Design Mentor Bob Oldfield
Lighting Operator Sherry Moir
Sound Operator Arlene Spearman
Set Construction Head Eugene Leveque
Lead Carpenter Gord Bannerman
Construction Crew Bob Rinaldi, Chris Bayne, Bob Spearman, Willem Roell, Bill Martin, Gene Dolinsky
Hotel Urn Creation Eugene Leveque
Set Decor Head Sarah McLean
Set Decor Crew Carol Jenkins, Diana Horsley, Trish Stewart, Ron Lavoie, Wendy Takahashi
Props Head Mimi Bracke
Props Crew Lorraine Allum, Rita Eng, Sandy Fraas
Costume Sewers Joan Sasges, Anne Mercer, Trish Stewart, Carol Jenkins, Rhonda Nicholas, Monica Balastik
Hair Jessica Wallace
Backstage Crew Colin Carney, Fernando Mariotti
Foyer Jennifer Morrison
Marketing and Publicity Barb Keith
House Manager Ann Cordingley
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Preview Val Heuman
Photography Cara Nunn
Program Sarah Maclean
Opening Night Powerhouse
Closing Night Pip Jordan
A Flea in Her Ear Poster

Production Photos