1976 – 1977 Season

About The Play

DirectorMary Huggins
  • Producer

    Dorothy Walker


Aladdin Kathy Moore
Princess Liz Walker
Prince Otto Wickstrom
Ebenezer Jim Brown
Eye-Oh-You David Jones
Emperor George Remmington
Advisor to Emperor Chris Bayne
Viziera Shirley Remmington
Advisoress to Viziera Jill Nielson
Widow Twankey Doug Huggins
Genie of the Lamp Penny Thorburn
Genie of the Ring Cory Greenberg
Astronomer Steve Stoeker
Sorceress Ivy Carmichael
Town Crier Dave Robertson
Guards Brian Casement, Claus Jahnke, Charity Bob Walker, Ann Neville
Village Women Jill Nielson, Maureen Greenberg, Annette Reeves, Gabby Casement
Village Girls Denise Murdoch, Sandy Fisher, Lesley Ramsdale, Pat Berube
Village Boys Karen Goodall, Rosalie Martin, Cindy Clair, Monica Kominick
Fan Dancers Tanya Anderson, Barbara Bailey, Maija Daughtry, Robin Estergaard, Cindy Graves, Katherine Kilback, Alana Kripps, Tina Michael, Leilani Smith, Lucy Wagner, Yvonne Wernicke
Ribbon Dancers Letitia Bain, Pam Harding, Annette Hoffman, Letitia Lemon, Louise Prystay, Siona Rook
Fan Dancers and Ribbon Dancers are members of the Canadian School of Ballet, under the direction of Betty Farrally
Gymnasts Coached by Helen Glennie, Melanie Neufield, Barb Gannon
Pianist Carl Watson
Percussion Mark Orgel


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager John Maguire
ASM Willem Roell
Properties Penny Bayne and Pat Robertson
Costumes Creation Val Redstone
Sound Bob Wilson
Lighting Design Michael Huggins
Lighting Pete Huggins
Make Up Scotty Perry
Special Effects Rick Cordingley
Masks and Camel designed and created by Sandra Watts
Costume Crew Ailsa Edge, Tami Burgess, Gwen Learey, Chris Cooper, Sharon Wickstrom, Ann Lemon, Win Passmore, Norma McPhail
Sound Wendy Martin, Paul Ekering, Chris Reeves
Lighting Alastair Walker, Teri Robinson
Properties Nancy Siver, Sandra Gallagher, Vera Marston, Fran King, Bonnie Goble, Kathy Manuel, Kathryn Jemmeson, Madeline Kineshanko, Shannon Rose
Make Up Marie Millege, Lynn Snowball,
Dagmar Maguire, Dennis Learey
Hair Becky, Donna, Dorothy and Mike of Unicorn
Special Effects Patrick Hickinbottom, Steve Yochim,
Grace Theune, Mike Johnson
Set Construction Doug Huggins, John Maguire, Bob Walker, George Siver, David Jones, Peter Jemmeson, Peter Reeves, Steve Stoeker, Chris Bayne, Jim Brown, Brian Casement, Willem Roell, Richard Weighill, Peter Strother
Box Office Shirley Brown
House Teri Robinson
Foyer Kay Brooks and Brenda Jemmeson
First Night Tami Burgess
Final Night Nancy Siver
Programme Heather Scott
Publicity Wendy Stevens
Bar Dave Abbott
Production Photographer Leigh Perry and Lorna Faulkner

Production Photos