2012 – 2013 Season

About The Play

Set in New York in the 30’s, Annie lives in an ophanange run by Miss Hannigan who is a sleazy, fairly unpleasant character. Annie was left as a baby with a letter saying her parents would return for her one day, and the thought of this keeps her going! However sometimes she runs away to try and find them for herself.

One day after escaping for a while, and finding a dog, she is returned by a policeman and is about to be punished by Miss Hannigan when Grace Farrell arrives. She is the secretary to Mr. Warbucks the millionaire. He wishes to give an orphan a holiday in his grand home for Christmas, and Grace chooses Annie.

Annie is immediately loved by everyone, including Warbucks, who asks her if she would like to be adopted by him. Although Annie tells him she would love to stay she is waiting to be reunited with her real mother and father. Warbucks then tries to help Annie find her parents by offering a reward for them to come forward.

When Miss Hannigan hears of this she hatches a plan with her brother Rooster, who is a rogue, and he, along with his girlfriend Lily, pretend to be Annie’s long lost parents. However their plan is foiled and of course Annie ends up living happily ever after with Warbucks (having eventually found out that her real parents had died many years before).

DatesNovember 21 - December 2, 2012
DirectorJackson Mace
  • Producer

    Val Heuman

  • Producer

    Joyce Hodgson


Annie Shaughnessy O’Brien
Daddy Warbucks Scott May
Miss Hannigan Lana O’Brien
Grace Farrell Elise Wilson
Rooster Hannigan Matt Brown
Lily Emily Heayn
F.D. Roosevelt Doug Fairweather
Drake Bob Oldfield
Sandy (the dog) Trina
H.V. Kaltenborn Mack Jace
Duffy Camryn Sproule
Pepper Dana Kievit
Molly Jaryn Tiggelar
Kate Kassidy Schapper-Kotter
Maggie Emilia Vlahos
Tessie Julia Thompson
July Grace Dumas
Betty Libby Wyse
Mary Olivia Lattery
Ensemble Cale Lewis, Norm Holt, Cliff Lattery, John Phillips, Jean Given, Kasia Baltsersen, Brooke Haberstock, Sydney Cochrane, Bridget Trainor, Christine Fulthorpe, Bob Oldfield


Set Design Eugene Leveque
Choreographer Susan Fenner
Vocal Coach Therese Parent
Lighting Design Vanessa Lomas
Sound Design Camerson Young
Stage Manager Arlene Spearman
Assistant Stage Managers Marnie Cullum, Nyssa Goodrich
Lighting Crew Bill Haidel
Lighting Operator Luca Starone
Sound Operators Joanne Taylor, Krys Rebagliati
Choreographer’s Assisant Emily Heayn
Dog Trainer Barbara Gaffney
Costume Assistants Diane Horsley, Lin Oldfield, Marlene Belsheim, Anessa Lang
Set Construction Eugene Leveque, Val Heuman, Bob Spearman, Peter Wiebe, David Jones, Anne Mercer, Vern Merwin, Hans Gruenwald, Eugene Dolinsky, Robbie Boyd, Michael Semple, Bob Rinaldi
Set Decor Jessika LaFramboise
Set Decor Team Diane Horsley, Carol Jenkins, Jon Mansell, Anne Mercer, Fiona Greeen, Chris Bayne, Penny Bayne, Diane Coutts, Donna Mace, Kayleigh Mace, Rhonda Nicholas, Dianne Hofer, Sydney Hofer, Rachel Hofer
Properties Head Susan Johnson
Properties Crew Maureen Ruscheinsky, Mimi Bracke, Maggie Wyse, Heaven Black,
Make-up Head Amy Gervais
Make-up Assistant Marina Fehr
Stage Hands Paul Jungclaus, Travis Anderson, Cliff Dumas, Greg Thompson, Lisa Thompson, Murray Kievit, Cliff Vico
Orphan Supervisors Lisa Thompson, Julie Wyse, Michel Schaper-Kotter, Rae Kievit, Leslie Harvey
Marketing and Publicity Barb Keith
Program Cara Nunn
Foyer Kayleigh Mace, Donna Mace
House Manager Ann Cordingley
Preview Coordinator Helene Clark
Photography Cara Nunn
Opening Night Bar Debbie Breitkrutz, Keith Breitkrutz
Opening Night Caterer Dianne Hofer, Sydney Hofer, Rachel Hofer
Final Night Caterer Pip Jordan
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Annie Poster

Production Photos