1979 – 1980 Season

About The Play

Based on Bram Stoker’s DRACULA

DirectorDave Brostky
  • Producer

    Lorraine Johnson

  • Producer

    Nancy Harwood


Sybil Seward Mary Cairns
Hennessey Terry Press
Dr. Arthur Seward Bob Kidd
Renfield Tauri Magnusson
Wesley Terry Schier
Jonathan Harker Murray Marten
Mina Voni Grindler
Count Dracula Dan Steele
Heinrich Van Helsing Monty Hughes


Set Design Lorraine Johnson, Dave Brotsky
Assistant to the Director Shannon Heer
Stage Manager Jim Brown
ASM Wendy Stevens
Lighting Design and Operators Peter Huggins, Debbie Manly
Sound Ron Fulton, Ron McLean
Properties Joann Goldthorpe, Marilyn Shinto
Costumes Irene Lortie, Ann Cordingley, Mardi Kimble, Margaret Crooks
Hair Ahmet Eronat
Make Up Scotty Perry, Terry Press
Publicity Barbara Steele
Poster Design Julie Oaks
Program John T. Hanson, Gloria Smith
House Manager Norma McPhail
Foyer Display Dorothy Brotsky, Cathy Kitcher
First Night Reception Anne Lust
Box Office Nancy Siver
Running Crew Willem Roell, Murray Frith, Craig Jones, Ahmet Eronet
Saturday Night Performance Penny Thorburn, Scotty Perry, Cathy Manuel
Set Construction Lorraine Johnson, Dave Brotsky, George Siver, Peter Jemmeson, Jim Brown, David Jones, Murray Frith, and Powerhouse Theatre members
Photography Russ Niles, Dave Maddison, Leigh Perry
Special Effects Dugald Perry,Chris Bayne, Karen McKay, Willem Roell, Gloria Smith, Murray Frith, Sandra Watts, Don Couch

Production Photos