1964 – 1965 Season

About The Play

Music composed by Harry Aldred

DirectorMary Huggins
  • Producer

    Maribeth Sigalet


Good Fairy Joan Barfield
Jack Elaine Glena
Widow Widout Doug Huggins
Miss Prim N, Proper Bert Perry
Bratilda Meryl Perry
Major Catastrophe George Siver
Jill Bev Kermode
Hocus Pocus Ron Burnham
Claribelle (the cow) Mike Allen, Mike Huggins
Man in the Moon Dale Heath
First Girl Kathy Woodley
First Boy Carole Nakonechny
Esmerelda Scotty Mclean
Creeps and Children Joyce Miller, Linda Fulton, Ann Hunter,Barbara Grantham, Leslie Mayall, Lynn Gray, Diana Cowan
Dancers and Martians Diane Pennington, Elizabeth Sugden, Nan Kendy, Mary McRoberts, Gail Monahan, Janet Oxley, Diane Desnoyer, Terry Kolmatycki, Belva Nielson, Joanne Nakonechny


Assistant to the Director Ivy Carmichael
Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Doug Hall
Assistant Stage Manager Dick Solymos
Costumes Paddy Malcolm, Aileen McRoberts
Properties Nancy Siver, Lorraine Galloway, Marlene Campbell,
Sound Rosalie Gower, Gerry Auten, Dale Heath
Box Office Dennis Learey
Publicity Lorraine Allum, Joan McIlroy
Photography Mike Lattey
House Committee Gwen Learey
Lighting Drew Allen, Hugh Hatfield
Cow’s Head Designed and made by Francis Hatfield
Makeup Arlie Straw
Pianist Gail Cameron
Drums Mike Malcolm

Production Photos