1974 – 1975 Season

About The Play

DirectorJace van der Veen
  • Producer

    Dorothy Walker

  • Producer

    Lorraine Galloway


Mary Mercer Rita Coe
Ben Mercer Murray Marten
Bill Mercer Brian Dunn
Jacob Mercer Dave Abbott
Kathy Jackson Lyn Carmichael
Minnie Jackson Diane Benke
Harold Otto Wickstrom


Set Design & Stage Manager Doug Huggins
ASM Bob Walker
Lighting Assistants Kathy Yochim and Doug Ross
Costume Assistant Anna Lemon
Set Construction George Siver, Norm Galloway, Wendy Stevens, Denise Kervel, Kathy Clement, Joyce Learey
Properties Annette Reeves, Shannon Rose
Make Up Margaret Rose and Alisa Edge
Hair Ken Brown of Shalom Coiffures
Publicity Pam Harford, Dorothy Landon, Assisted by Isabel McKenzie
Program Scotty Perry, assisted by Sylvia Stilwell
Sound Paul Ekering and Wendy Stevens
Photography Leigh Perry
Box Office Phyllis Kayser
House Penny Thorburn
First Night Kay Tierney and Kay Brooks
Foyer Scotty Perry
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Production Photos