2010 – 2011 Season

About The Play

Winner of 3 Tony Awards, ‘Lend Me a Tenor’ is set in September 1934.

Saunders, the general manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, is primed to wel-come world famous Tito Morelli, Il Stupendo, the greatest tenor of his generation. He is to appear for one night only as Otello but arrives late and, through a hilarious series of mishaps, is given a double dose of tranquilizers and passes out. His pulse is so low that Saunders and his assistant Max believe he’s dead. In a frantic attempt to salvage the evening, Saunders persuades Max to get into Morelli’s Otello costume and fool the audience into thinking he’s Il Stupendo. Max succeeds admirably, but Morelli comes to and gets into his other costume ready to perform. What follows is a chain-reaction of mistaken identity, plot twists, double entendres, innuendoes, and constant entrances and exits through many doors. A sensation on Broadway and in London’s West End, this madcap screwball comedy is guaranteed to leave audiences teary-eyed with laughter.

DatesFebruary 1 - 
DirectorMatt Brown
  • Producer

    Joan Karstensen

  • Producer

    Ruth Astin


Maggie Ashley Plomp
Max Joel D. Montgrand
Saunders Rick Smith
Maria Christina Cuglietta-Braun
Tito Merelli Geoff Ingram
Bellhop Chris Froese
Dianna Emily Heayn
Julia Jean Given


Set Design Eugene Leveque
Lighting Design Vanessa Lomas
Sound Design Randy Jones
Costumes Head Marnie Cullum
Set Construction Head Mark Judd
Set Decor Head Arlene Spearman
Props Head Lorraine Allum
Stage Manager Liza Judd
Assistant Stage Managers Debra Bob, Colin Judd
Lighting Crew Bill Haidel, John Lomas, Hailey Perry
Lighting Operators Kelly Smith, Ian Spence
Sound Operators Adele Kuyek, Pat Routledge
Costume Assistant Mimi Bracke
Set Construction Crew Colin Judd, Brian Jenkins, Dick Vest, Don Thomas, Mark Takahashi, Norm Jaques, Ron Heuman, Doug Edgar, Dennis Labell, Maurice Lavallee, Eugene Leveque, Les Denard
Set Decor Crew Wendy Takahashi, Carol Jenkins, Diane Coutts, Wendy Stevens, Val Heuman, Jean Given, Brian Jenkins, Mimi Bracke, Sarah McLean
Props Crew Jo-Anne Jaques, Diana Horsley, Rira Eng
Dresser Lisa Roberts
Hair Cyenthia Robertson
Make-up Debbra Butle
Assistant Administrative Producer Barbara Keith
Preview Val Heuman
House Manager Ann Cordingley
Foyer Design Jennifer Morrison
Flash Singers Clark Brewer, John Phillips
Photography Matt Brown, Ray Arlt
Opening Night Debbra Butler
Poster and Publicity Wendy Stevens
Program Sarah McLean
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Final Night Pip Jordan
Lend Me a Tenor Poster

Production Photos