1981 – 1982 Season

About The Play

DirectorPaddy English
  • Producer

    Annette Reeves

  • Producer

    Peter Reeves


Germaine Lauzon Penny Bayne
Rose Oiumet Sharon-Eve Lang
Gabrielle Jodoin Helene Clark
Lisette de Couval Lorraine Allum
Marie-Ange Brouillette Nancy Harwood
Olivine Dubuc Norma McPhail
Angeline Sauve Wendy Stevens
Linda Lauzon Julia Waddell
Des-Neiges Verrette Pamela Hughes
Ginette Menard Erin Allum
Therese Dubuc Penny Thorburn
Rheauna Bibeau Wendy Tarcon
Lise Paquette Mandy Gilmer
Pierrette Guerin Cathy Hendy


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Chris Bayne
Set Construction Peter Reeves, Annette Reeves, George Siver, Deborah Oldfield, Chris Bayne, George Wilkins
Set Décor Debbie Rourke
Properties Deborah Oldfield
Costumes Valerie Redstone
Lighting Design Steve Yochim
Lighting Operator Vicki Ryan
Sound Ron Fulton
Sound Operator Janet Laidlaw
Hair Heather Wyper
Administrative Producer Annette Reeves
Publicity and Poster Daryl Gaetz
Program Bill Hamilton
Box Office Manager Eileen Richardson
House Manager Nancy Siver
Foyer Décor Scotty Perry
Preview Night Annette Reeves
Photographer Leigh Perry
Bar Manager Alan Arnold
Opening Night Reception Brenda DeBoice
Closing Night Reception Brenda DeBoice

Production Photos