1970 – 1971 Season

About The Play

DirectorMike Lewis
  • Producer

    John Cole


Lily Fairweather, as Pure as the Driven Snow Kathie Woodley
Betsy Fairweather, as Gentle as a Lamb Susan Huggins
Compton, Her Son, as Handsome as a Greek God Peter Ritchie
Jonas Fairweather, as True as Blue Roger Michel
Craven Sinclair, as Poisonous as a Toad Phil Baker
Miss Ophelia, as Plain as the Nose on Your Face Phia Verkerk
Robin Steel, as Black as Coal Josef Stanishevsky
Mrs. Kingsley, As Sound as a Dollar Rosalie Gower
Mrs. Bloodgood, as Mean as Dirt Lorraine Galloway
Marie,The Maid, as Busy as a Bee Deborah Wallace
Lord Montmorency, as English as an Englishman Leigh Perry
Puddles, the Dog, His Bark is Worse than his Bite Played by Himself

A Team of Entertainers

Smugg Frank Webster
Bogle Jack Minard
Dancers Linda Stepura and Josef Stanishevsky


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Doug Huggins
Assistant Stage Manager Evert Verkerk
Properties Murray Marten, Arlena Dodd,
Marcel Lowndes, Barbara LeWarne, Monica Bailie
Foyer Scotty Perry
Lighting Edgar Dobie, Liz McCann, Dave Yochim, Mark Williamson
Sound Don Meyer
Hairstyles Jacqueline Clement
Costumes Pat Minard, assisted by Leila Wotton, Sue MacDonald, Bev Cole, Sharon Ritchie
Publicity and First Night Rita Potter
Box Office Dennis and Gwen Learey
House Val Kelman
Photography Peter Bulman, Leigh Perry
Program Lorraine Allum
Makeup Kay Jackson, Sheila Ferguson, Jacqueline Clement
Pianist Marjory McAllister

Production Photos