2013 – 2014 Season

About The Play

A Mouth Watering Musical Treat!

“…in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence…”

Set in the 1960’s, nerdy Seymour Krelborn breathes new life into the failing flower shop owned by his adopted father, Mr. Mushnik. The fascinating new plant on display—which draws customers like flies to honey—gives Seymour star-quality and new found courage to confess his love to the glamorous yet ditzy girl of his dreams, Audrey, luring her away from the comically sadistic dentist she is currently dating. However, as the plant grows, so do Seymour’s troubles and the results are not to be missed in this delicious dark comedy musical!

DatesFebruary 26 - March 8, 2014
DirectorLana O’Brien
  • Producer

    Sherry Moir

  • Producer

    Joan Karstensen

  • Musical Direction

    Paul Hunter


Doo Wop Girls Anita Baturin, Lori Hancock, Anna Anderson, Michelle Fleck, Lisa Thompson
Mr Mushnik Scott Madden
Seymour Sheldon Graham
Audrey Emma Dorval
Ensemble Charlotte Backman, Bari Castle, Kim Blakely, Sharon Wickstrom
Plant Voice / Derelict Chris Colclough
Bernstein / Skip Snip / Ensemble Cale Lewis
Orin Scrivello,DDS / Patrick Bron Johnson
Plant Body Landen Ehnes


The Band

Keyboards Paul Hunter, Regina Picco
Guitar Rod Neufeld
Bass Monty Hughes
Percussion Mike Parent

Technical Crew

Set Design Dave Brotsky
Sound Design Randy Jones
Costume Design Lorraine Johnson-Brotsky
Light Design Cara Nunn
Stage Manager Kristine Larsen
Assistant Stage Managers Jenn Gretzinger, Sara Nunn, Willem Roell
Light Operator Cara Nunn
Follow Spot Operator Sheryl Bossons
Light Design Mentor Dave Brotsky
Costume Crew Lorraine Johnson-Brotsky (Head), Carlayne Baxter, Pat Svard,
Sound Operators Randy Jones, Ian MacIntyre
Set Construction Dave Brotsky (Head), Gord Bannerman, Peter Wiebe, Bob Rinaldi, Ron Lavoie, Bob Spearman, Cor Zandbergen, Mark Malek, Dave Minshull, Willem Roell, Chris Bayne, Brian Freeman-Marsh, Sheryl Bossons, Gene Dolinski, Landen Ehnes, Jessika LaFramboise, Matt Brown
Lead Scenic Painter Dave Brotsky
Set Decor Arlene Spearman (Head), Sheryl Bossons, Sherry Moir, Sarah McLean, Anne Mercer, Carol Jenkins, Dianne Coutts, Mike Poirier, Wendy Takahashi, Chantelle Efird, Jessika LaFramboise, Sandy Edgar, Brayden Efird, Sara Nunn, Maia Nunn, Trish Stewart
“Dream House” model Cara Nunn
Audrey II Puppets Dave Brotsky, Ron Lavoie, Sarah McLean, with thanks to Debra Bob and Linda Marriott
Props Maureen Ruscheinsky (Head), Maia Nunn, Jean Given, Teresa Anderson, Kylie Stewart, Mimi Bracke, Sandy Fraas
Backstage Crew Trish Bennett, Annika Lauriston, Brandon Lunzman, Syndel Baker
Hair Suzanne Robert (Head), Sandra Simao
Makeup Sandra Simao

Administrative Team

Assistant Admin Producer Diana Horsley
Foyer Design Sarah McLean
Marketing and Publicity Barbara Keith
Preview Val Heuman
House Manager Liza Judd
Photography Barry Goodsell
Program Nancy Steele
Opening Night Val Heuman
Final Night Joyce Hodgson
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Little Shop of Horrors Poster

Production Photos