2018 – 2019 Season

About The Play

Violent ambition shatters medieval Scotland in this mesmerizing tale of tyranny, dark magic and murder. Witness for yourself the play whose very name is said to carry a curse that dares everyone involved to survive its haunting — audiences and theatres alike. Known by the name that is safely spoken aloud, “The Scottish Play” draws you inescapably into the story of the undoing of its notorious characters. Experience first hand the terror that comes when unlocking this old masterpiece’s chilling study of power and corruption [that has never been more relevant]. “Something wicked this way comes.”

DatesMay 1 - May 11, 2019
DirectorMatt Brown
  • Producers

    Sherry Moir

  • Barb Keith


Harrison CoeMacbeth
Tanya Laing GahrLady Macbeth
Destiny MacWattersWeird Sister One and Murderer 3
Amanda MaygardWeird Sister Two
Kristine LarsenWeird Sister Three
Jordan DonatelliMacduff
Kelly WinstonRoss
Cody WoodCaptain, Murderer One and Young Siward
Jacs SpenceBanquo and Seyton
Spencer Freeman-MarshLennox
Emily HardyLady Macduff and Hecate
Howard JoyntKing Duncan and Siward
Paul LawsonMalcolm
Peter LawsonDonalbain
Sarah MarksonMurderer and Scottish Doctor
Jennifer GretzingerGentlewoman
Amy BellPorter and Caithness
Julia JohnsonSecond Apparition and Fleance
Stuart KopyMacduff’s son and Apparition 1
Emily FochlerServant House of Macbeth
Alexa LaingMessenger Macduff
Jenna FochlerApparition 3 and Servant


Set and Mask DesignsCara Nunn
Lighting DesignRusty Gahr
Costume DesignJoan Sasges
Sound DesignBob Oldfield

Technical Team

Technical ProducerSherry Moir
Stage ManagerRichard Kerton
Assist. Stage ManagersSherry Moir and Laura Wright
Set ConstructionJohn Ravensbergen (head), Max Hoedeman, John Wakefield, Shannon Marsh and Maia Nunn
Lighting CrewJordan Donatelli, Jessika LaFramboise and Kelly Ingersoll
Lighting OperatorVeronica Stockton-Kushner
Set Décor/Scenic PaintingSarah McLean
PropsSusan Johnson (Head)
Costume SewersJoan Sasges, (Head), Carol Jenkins, Susan Johnson, Norah Ferguson, Frances Evans, Josi Apps, Debra Bob and Emily Hardy
Sound OperatorVeronica Stockton Kuchner
Backstage CrewEvan Miller-Unser
Sword Scene ChoreographerJohn McLean

Administrative Team

Administrative ProducerBarb Keith
PreviewVal Heuman
Front of HouseCathie Stewart
Foyer DesignSandra Simao
ProgramSarah McLean
Poster DesignJames Postill
Opening and Closing NightsPip Jordan
Marketing/PublicityYvonne Hayden
PhotographyAmy Bell
Bar ManagerBrian Atamanchuk
Macbeth Poster