1969 – 1970 Season

About The Play

DirectorPaddy Malcolm English
  • Producer

    Lorraine Galloway


The Duke of Venice Peter Bulman
Prince of Morocco – Suitor to Portia Jack Minard
Antonio – A Merchant of Venice Bill Allum
Bassanio – His Friend, Suitor of Portia Gary Rupert
Friends to Antonio and Bassanio
Gratiano Rod Christensen
Salerio Peter Ritchie
Solanio Mike Huggins
Lorenzo, In Love with Jessica Don Jones
Shylock – A Jew Dennis Learey
Tubal ­– A Jew, His Friend Doug Huggins
Portia – An Heiress Mary Huggins
Nerissa – Her Waiting Gentlewoman Rita Coe
Jessica – Daughter to Shylock July Stanford
Serving Women Carol Boer, Belva Neilson
Gondoliers Don Meyer, John Cole
Attendants Margot Jones, Roger Michel, Brian Dunn


Designer Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Doug Huggins
Assistant Stage Manager Jeff Watton
Properties Ivy Carmichael, Dorothy Pillar
Costumes: Designed by Marie Nielson
Wardrobe Mistress Pat Minard
Assisted by Val Kelman, Margaret Wood
Lighting Edgar Dobie, Dale Siver, George Bamford
Sound Rick Gilchrist
Makeup Rosalie Gower
Hair Scotti Perry
Tickets Margaret Rose
Publicity Tom Barton, Lorraine Allum
House Nancy Siver


The Merchant of Venice was entered in the Okanagan zone drama festival and the BCDA (Theatre BC) Finals Festival.

Powerhouse hosted the 1970 BCDA (Theatre BC) Provincial Finals Festival in Vernon, and Doug Huggins won the coveted Hamber Award for Major Contribution to Community Theatre in the Province.

Production Photos