1974 – 1975 Season

About The Play

DirectorMary Huggins
  • Producer

    Annette Reeves


Mel Edison Dennis Learey
Edna Edison Rita Coe
Harry Edison Nick Rice
Pearl Lorraine Galloway
Jessie Brenda Jemmeson
Pauline Sharon Wickstrom


Set Design & Stage Manager Doug Huggins
ASM Paul Ekering
Set Construction John Tierney, Peter Reeves, Bob Walker, Wendy Stevens, Ailsa Edge and other club members
Properties Dorothy Walker, assisted by Tami Burgess, Mavis Ekering, Susan Afford, Sue Abbott and Wendy Stevens
Costumes Norma McPhail assisted by Winnie Passmore, Dorothy Pillar, Mavis Ekering, Tami Burgess and Heather Scott
Make Up Jo Jones, Carol Kuhn
Hair Armela Meyer
Publicity Pam Harford, Dorothy Landon
Program John Clement
Lighting Doug Ross
Sound Penny Thorburn
Special Effects Patrick Connell
Production Photography Leigh Perry
Box Office Val Redstone
House and First Night Kathy Yochim
Foyer Scotty Perry

Production Photos