2010 – 2011 Season

About The Play

Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for drama, ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a beautifully crafted work of great sensitivity which shifts perfectly from hilarity to grief.

Becca & Howie Corbett have everything a family could want, until an accident turns their world upside down. This is a story that recognizes that the memory of past losses cannot be fully erased; moving forward always requires looking back.
This play is not to be missed as it offers an intimate look into a family, poignant and relatable; it has something special and real to offer the audience.

Warning: This play contains sensitive material for an adult audience. Some strong language.

DatesApril 20 - April 30, 2011
DirectorDebra Bob
  • Producer

    Howard Joynt

  • Producer

    Barbara Keith


Becca Katja Burnette
Nat Joanne Feenstra
Izzy Beckie Turner
Howie Zyan Panagopoulos
Jason Ross Freeman-Marsh
Radio Announcer’s Voice Randy Jones
Danny’s Voice Maia Nunn


Set Design Chris Bayne
Lighting Design Mitch Morin
Sound Design Jim Elderton
Costumes Mimi Bracke
Stage Manager Kristine Larsen
Asst. Stage Manager Luke Cruikshank
Set Construction Head Willem Roell
Set Construction Howard Joynt, Bob Rinaldi, Alain Klein, Dan Thomas, Ken Green, Les Danard, Brian Jenkins, Eric Gibson, Perry Williams, Chris Bayne, John Ravensbergen
Set Decor Head Melissa Lockhart
Set Decor Carol Coplin, Brigitte Cove
Props Head Sherry Moir
Props Sarah MacLean, Amy Wagner
Light Crew Dawn Johnson
Light Operator Cara Nunn
Sound Operator Sarah Nunn
Hair and Makeup Eileen Pelliccia
Poster and Publicity Wendy Stevens
Foyer Jennifer Morrison
Preview / House Manager Val Heuman
Photography Matt Brown
Program Sarah McLean
Opening Night Pip Jordan
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Final Night Cathie Stewart
Rabbit Hole Poster

Production Photos