1979 – 1980 Season

About The Play

DirectorJo Jones
  • Producer

    Nancy Siver

  • Producer

    Willem Roell


Bubba Joan Sasges
Pearl Noelle Carter
Olive Pamela Hughes
Emma Mary Cairns
Barney Alan Arnold
Roo Shaun Dunn
Johnnie Carl Watson


Set Design Terry Gower
Assistant Director Annette Reeves
Stage Manager Karen MacKay
ASM Colleen Herns
Set Decor Terry and Steven Gower
Properties Penny Thorburn, Brenda Jemmeson, Wendy Stevens, Sharon Partington, S.K. Black
Special Effects Sandra Watts
Lighting Design Dave Brotsky and Debbie Manly
Lighting Operators Tauri Magnusson and Bruce Taylor
Sound Patrick Hickinbottom and Murray Frith
Costumes Lorraine Johnson and Valerie Redstone
Make Up Terry Press
Hair Joe Duncan
Publicity and Foyer Nancy Harwood
Program John T. Hanson
House Wendy Tarcon
Preview Lois Sorochuk
Box Office Eileen Richardson
Photography Leigh Perry and Rick Koechl
Refreshments Lorraine Allum and Beth Markson
Set Construction Willem Roell, George Siver, George Wilkens, Janet Laidlaw, Terry Press, Peter Jemmeson, Steve and Terry Gower, Craig Jones, Karen MacKay, Bruce Taylor and Powerhouse Members

Production Photos