1976 – 1977 Season

About The Play

DirectorSarah Perry
  • Producer

    Tami Burgess


Jimmy Perry George Remmington
Manuel Carl Watson
Toby Landau Sharon Wickstrom
Evy Meara Brenda Jemmeson
Polly Meara Shannon Rose
Lou Tanner Rick Cordingley


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant Producer Gwen Learey
Stage Manager Bob Walker
ASM Jim Brown
Set Construction Bob Walker
assisted by John Maguire, Steve Stoecker, George Siver, Rick Cordingley, Wendy Stevens, Annette Reeves, David Jones, Jim Brown
Properties Ann Nevill
assisted by Terri Robinson, Grace Theune
Costumes Dorothy Walker
assisted by Penny Bayne
Sound Wendy Martin and Bob Wilson
Lighting Shaun Dunn
assisted by Peter Huggins
Make Up Shirley Remmington
Hair Becky Bourne of Unicorn
Tickets Penny Thorburn
Program Pamela Roberts
Publicity Wendy Stevens
Foyer Display Dagmar Maguire
House Ivy Carmichael and Rita Potter
First Night Marie Milledge and Melissa Kubis
Refreshments Annette Reeves

Production Photos