2008 – 2009 Season

About The Play

Friel’s bawdy, vital and compassionate play deals with Cass McGuire, an Irish-American exile returning to Ireland after fifty years. It is her dream to rekindle some of the memories of her homeland she left behind. Her genteel family does not have the same enthusiasm for her return. This intriguing play has been described as a “gentle romantic comedy” filled with colourful characters. It is a play of sentiment and wit, which according to the New York Post exhibits “the rueful imagination of the true Irish poet”.

DatesApril 22 - May 2, 2009
DirectorMonty Hughes
  • Producer

    Val Heuman

  • Producer

    Joyce Hodgson


Grandmother Nancy Siver
Dom Alexander Corzo-Johnstone
Alice Susan Johnson
Harry Geoff White
Cass McGuire Eileen Podanowski
Tessa Katja Burnett
Pat Quinn Dave Sayer
Trilbe Costello Sarah McLean
Mr Ingram Cliff Heinrichs
Mrs Butcher Penny Thorburn


Stage Manager Willem Roell
Assistant Stage Managers Luke Cruikshank
Set Designer Doug Huggins
Sound Designer Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Jackson Cooper
Lighting Designer Vanessa J. Lomas
Lighting Crew Peter Lomas
Lighting Operator Robert Roell
Set Construction Head Reg Scott
Set Construction Crew Eugene Leveque, Norm Jaques, Chris Bayne, Bob Spearman
Set Decor Head Arlene Spearman
Set Decor Crew Melanie Christien, Wendy Stevens, Inge Kooyman, Heather Rolston, Alice Ruuska,David Elson, Ray Parent
Backdrop Artist Bev Pothecary
Artist Assistant Dale Pothecary
Properties Head Melissa Lockhart
Costume Head Marnie Cullum
Makeup Lindsay Goolia
Hair Eileen Pelliccia
Publicity Jim Elderton
Program and Poster Carol Marks
Photography Peter Lomas
Foyer Design Joanne Taylor
Front of House Garth and Susan Wallberg
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Preview Helene Clark
Opening / Final Night Ann Cordingley
The Loves of Cass McGuire Poster