2008 – 2009 Season

About The Play

Professional guest director Bruce Hostetler directs this hilarious Shakespearian romp. Young Lucentio loves Bianca, but he already has two problems: first, Bianca already has several suitors; second, Bianca’s father has declared that no one may court Bianco until her older sister, the ill-tempered Katherine, is married. Fortunately, Lucentio’s friend, Petruchio, arrives in Padua to find a wife. He intends to marry a rich woman and agrees to marry Katherine sight unseen. But will he survive the relationship? Can love exist without compromises?

DatesFebruary 11 - February 21, 2009
DirectorBruce Hostetler
  • Producer

    Sherry Moir

  • Producer

    Joan Karstensen

  • Producer

    Helene Clark


Lord Martin Niedballa
Sly Jackson Mace
Hostess Terry O’Sullivan
1st Huntsman John Shanks
2nd Huntsman Norm Holt
1st Servant Dominique Boyd
2nd Servant Starling Taylor
3rd Servant Brooke Haberstock
Bartholomew Patrick Steeves
Baptista Jo Jones
Luciento Michael Lane
Tranio Alex Judd
Biondello Robyn Shanks
Hortensio John Myhill
Gremio David Jones
Petruchio Ben McLean
Grumio Janet Walmsey
Kate Lana O’Brien
Bianca Christina Cuglietta
Vincentio/Curtis Howard Joynt
Pedant/Peter Doug Edgar
Widow Radha Fisher
Tailor/Nichola Kristine Larsen
Haber/Off/Joseph Tim Rutherford


Administrative Producers Joan Karstensen, Helene Clark
Technical Producer Sherry Moir
Stage Manager Ted Harrison
ASM Stan Csapo,Lesley McCoy
Stage Hand Brendan Anderson
Lighting Design Dave Brotsky
Lighting Crew Dave Brotsky, Stan Csapo
Lighting Operator Joanne Reynolds
Sound Design Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Edwin Swannack
Set Design Dave Brotsky
Set Construction Dave Brotsky
Set Construction Crew Bob Rinaldi, Dick Vest, Charlie Cline, Mike Poirier,
Reg Scott, John Shanks, John Ravensbergen,
Ron Heuman, Brian Chard, Stan Csapo, Marissa Vest,
Josh Pord, Bob Jackson, Ted Harrison, Tim Rutherford
Set Décor Sarah McLean
Set Décor Crew Sherry Moir, Jocelyn Roetrs-Robd, Starling Taylor, Melanie Christien, Jen Steeves, Marissa Vest, Inge Kooijman, Darlene Mussenden
Costume Design & Construction Lorraine Johnson Brotsky
Costume Construction Crew Carlayne Baxter, Jas Cline, Marnie Cullum, Sybolla Franje, Val Harrison, Christine Jaquish, Tonny Penny, Pat Svard, Marilyn Wood
Properties Mary Niedballa, Jocelyn Roetrs-Robd, Arlene Spearman
Hair / Makeup Sandra Simoa
Program Arlene Spearman
Poster Sarah McLean
Publicity James Elderton
Preview Jo-Ann Jaques
Foyer Sharie Lomas
House Manager Ann Cordingley
Opening Night Val & Ron Heuman
Final Night Mary Niedballa
Photography Dave Wallden, Yana Price
Dressing Room Co-ordinator Sandy Edgar
Bar Ron Heuman
The Taming of the Shrew Poster

Production Photos