2001 – 2002 Season

About The Play

Widows is about the men who ‘disappear’ under totalitarian regimes, and about the women who wait.. “an attempt to dramatize in a semi-mythical way the consequences of appalling abuses of human rights”.

DatesMay 7 - May 18, 2002
DirectorJohn Lomas
  • Producer

    Val Heuman


Sofia Fuentes Mary Huggins
Alexandra Dianne Couves
Yanina Dahlia Senft
Fidelia Emily MacArthur
Alexis Richard Smale
Alonso Andrew Taylor
Teresa Salas Jo Jones
Katherina Janet Lindsay
Rosa Agnes Orsi
Mariluz Sheelagh Jones
Amanda Alisha Edgelow
Lucia Bernadette Senft
Romona Jean Given
Cecilia Sanjines, girlfriend of Emmanuel Bethany Armstrong
Philip Kastoria Clive Goodrich
Beatrice Kastoria, his wife Mary Gale/Jean Given
Kastoria’s brother Andrew Taylor
Father Gabriel, the parish priest Clive Goodrich
The Captain Russell Cunliffe
The Lieutenant Richard Jameson
Emmanuel Leon Van Heerden
The Doctor/Hooded Man Ken Cain/Andrew Taylor
Soldiers Norman Belanger, Doug Huggins, Lesley Kalmakoff, Mike Ruscheinsky
Raul Peter Lomas
Miguel Kyle Jones
Roberto Peter Lomas


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Marisa Vest
ASM Lesley Kalmakoff
Set Construction John Ravensbergen, Chris Bayne, Norm Belanger, Ron Heuman, Norm Jaques, Bob Spearman,Alan Charter-Smith, Mark Usselman, Willem Roell
Set Décor Head Sarah McLean
Set Décor Crew Tracy Thomas, Charlie Collins, Deanna Bussey, Penny Bayne, Marisa Vest, Mary Gale
Lighting Design Kyle Matheson
Lighting Operator Vanessa Lomas
Lighting Crew Ginny Ewert, Natalia Usselman, Bob Spearman, Miles Bukowsky
Sound Design Bob Oldfield
Sound Operator Dave McBride
Projections Bob Oldfield
Special Effects John Shanks
Properties Charlie Collins
Backstage Crew Brandy Thiessen, Tracy Thomas, Deanna Bussey
Costume Design Jane Barclay
Costume Assistants Elizabeth Ripley, Bonnie Anderson, Gennie Vest, Mary Gale, Jan Lindsay
Makeup Brandy Thiessen
Hair Brandy Thiessen
Publicity Val Heuman
Program Wendy Stevens
Poster Doug Huggins, Val Heuman
Foyer Design Sue Johnson
Photographer Dave Wallden
Assistant Photographer Diane Coutts
Front of House Peny Thorburn
Preview Kathie Devries
First Night Sue Johnson
Final Night Julie Armitage

2002 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival

Best Production Runner Up (Workshop Play): “Widows”, Vernon Powerhouse

Best Supporting Actor: Russell Cunliffe, “Widows”, Vernon Powerhouse

Best Set Design: “Widows”, Vernon Powerhouse

Best Lighting: “Widows”, Vernon Powerhouse

Widows Poster

Production Photos