2006 – 2007 Season

About The Play

“You Can’t Take It with You” relates the humorous encounter between a conservative family and the crazy household of Grandpa Martin Vanderhof. Grandpa’s family of idiosyncratic individualists amuse with their energetic physical antics and inspire with their wholehearted pursuit of happiness. Kaufman and Hart fill the stage with chaotic activity from beginning to end. Critics have admired the witty one-liners, the visual theatricalism, and the balanced construction of the play’s three acts. Although “You Can’t Take It with You” is undeniably escapist theater which prompts immediate enjoyment rather than complex analysis, it has clearly influenced American comedy. The formula originated by Kaufman and Hart—a loveable family getting into scrapes and overcoming obstacles—has been adopted as a format by most of today’s television situation comedies.

DatesApril 25 - May 2, 2007
DirectorMonty Hughes
  • Producer

    Joanne Taylor

  • Producer

    Joyce Hodgson


Martin Vanderhof Dave Sayer
Penelope Sycamore Dianne Couves
Paul Sycamore Manfred Taron
Henderson Howard Joynt
Tony Kirby Craig Woelke
Alice Sycamore Justine Westby
Reba Debra Bob
Grand Duchess Olga Eileen Podanowski
Boris Kolenkhov Rod Neufeld
Mrs. Kirby Penny Thorburn
Mr. Kirby Bill Reynolds
Ed Colin Carney
Mr. DePinna Bob Chamberlain
Donald David Miller
Gay Willington Ann Cordingley
Essie Lisa Talesnick
G-Man Geoff White
Government Men Dawn Kennedy, Howard Joynt


Technical Producer Joanne Taylor
Administrative Producer Joyce Hodgson
Stage Manager Lesley McCoy
Set Designer Doug Huggins
ASM Carol Davidson
Lighting Design Vanessa Lomas
Lighting Operator Joanne Reynolds
Sound Design Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Andy Markson
Set Construction Willem Roell, David Roell, Norm Jaques, Chris Bayne, Ron Heuman, Bob Spearman, Bob Jackson
Set Decor Sarah McLean, Sherry Moir, Carlayne Baxter, Morgan Sim, Sandra Liedl, Lynn Davis, Laurie Normandeau
Costumes Val Heuman, Marnie Cullum
Dressers Elizabeth tritt, Phyllis Sherwood
Makeup / Hair Eileen Pelliccia
Props Kaleena Reynolds, Bev Harwood, Michael Poirier
Special Effects John Shanks
Poster Design Julia Berschley
Program Penny Bayne, Joyce Hodgson
House Manager Ann Cordingley
Preview Night Joan Karstensen
Photography Dave Wallden, Bec Pothecary, Karen Hettler
Opening / Final Night Pip Jordan
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Foyer Design Sue Maxwell
You Can’t Take it With You Poster

Production Photos