The administrative (admin) producer is responsible together with the technical (tech) producer, for successfully overseeing the work of the shows production team.

  • Bar Manager
  • Final Night Party Coordinator
  • Foyer Design Coordinator
  • Front of House Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Opening Night Reception
  • Photographer
  • Preview Night Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator

1 Planning

  1. Meet with the technical producer to review each other’s job descriptions, discuss lines of communication between them and with the production team, and confirm the division of labor between the producers. Admin and tech producers to decide who will look after the following:
    1. Treasurer will distribute the budget to the admin and tech producers. Check with bookkeeper regarding purchasing requirements and cash advance. One of the producers will manage the cash, keep track of all receipts and maintain the spreadsheet.
    2. Download audition forms from the website prior to auditions. Meet with the marketing director to have online access made available to director. Discuss the advertising for the audition with the director and marketing.
  2. Create a master contact list to include everyone who works on the admin production team and distribute to all committee heads. Ensure the program coordinator receives the list. Remember to update the program coordinator as new crew come on board.
  3. Become thoroughly familiar with the play.
  4. Select committee heads (as listed above), distribute their job descriptions and advise them of their budgets. All positions that are artistic in nature and/or involve design elements must be run past the director before being added to the team.
  5. Ensure committee heads understand their job description and the importance of the meeting the deadline dates on the production schedule.
  6. Arrange a meeting between the director, marketing, program, poster and foyer to discuss the director’s vision and ideas for this aspect of the production.
  7. Be available to attend a meeting of the director/designers to confirm production requirements, as needed.
  8. Become familiar with theatre policies and seek clarification from the VP productions as necessary.
  9. Advise the admin team that they are welcome to attend some rehearsals.
  10. Both tech and admin producers should ensure that all recycling and garbage is managed regularly.

2 Working

  1. Arrange with the tech producer and the director a first read-through for all cast and crew, followed by a social. Extend an invitation to the board to clarify their position and role in the production.
  2. Contact the key master to have keys and codes issued as required for eligible admin team members. 24-48 hours is required to allow the codes to be processed.
  3. Attend all production team meetings.
  4. Control all production expenditures in cooperation with the technical producer and ensure that all costs remain within budget. You may reserve the right to consult with the VP productions or the treasurer in the case of unrealistic or rising budget demands.
  5. Out of pocket expenses must be reimbursed promptly. Depending on which producer manages the cash ensure that production team members are reimbursed quickly.
  6. In conjunction with the technical producer, consider organizing a production social during the rehearsal time frame. Ensure that the board members are invited.
  7. All complimentary ticket requests are to be made to the marketing director.
  8. Arrange headshots and production photo sessions in cooperation with the director, photographer, cast and crew.
  9. Ensure that the photographer gets the photos, both head shots and production shots, on a USB drive and forwarded to the archive committee so that they can be placed in a central location for future use.
  10. Prepare thank you notes for your committee heads and distribute them as necessary.

3 Strike

  1. Collect all admin keys and return to key master noting whom they are from.
  2. If you are the producer who is managing the financials you should finalize the budget, complete production spreadsheets, float reconciliation and forward to the bookkeeper.

4 Post Production Review

Ensure you have received notes from all your production heads as to their thoughts for the post-mortem. Attend a de-brief meeting to review the entire production process as arranged by the VP productions. Be prepared to share your input regarding what you think went well, the challenges you experienced and lessons you feel would be helpful for future productions.

There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.