1 Overview

This is an elected Board position to the Powerhouse Theatrical Society’s Board of Directors.

2 Skill Set:

The VP of Productions should have:

  • a working knowledge of the requirements for producing a show, both the technical and administrative aspects.
  • previous directing experience.
  • experience with Powerhouse Theatre Policies, Procedures and By-laws.

They should possess the following characteristics:

  • good people skills
  • resourceful problem solver
  • team leader
  • organized

3 Duties:

  • Attend Board and General Meetings and present reports.
  • Deputize or serve for President as required.
  • Represent the Society to the Community with regard to standards, reputation and growth.

4 Per Production:

  • Order production scripts.
  • Obtain production rights with authors or publishers.
  • Ensure that all royalties are paid when required.
  • Read scripts chosen by the artistic committee for the upcoming season.
  • Seek producers if required.
  • Discuss plays, production dates and rehearsal schedules with potential directors.
  • Finalize production dates and present to the Board for approval.
  • Attend auditions as required.
  • Attend rehearsals occasionally, especially nearing production.
  • Provide directorial assistance and advice if necessary.
  • Assist in finding resolutions to situations that may occur during each production.
  • Represent Board to all production cast and crew, in regard to club values, procedures and artistic vision.
  • Organize and mediate post mortem of all productions and submit written reports to the Board.
  • Coordinate with Rentals Manager
  • Coordinate with lighting and sound managers regarding the artistic vision for future productions.
  • Coordinate with VP Facilities in the acquisition and maintenance of sound and lighting equipment.

5 Liaise as Needed With:

  • Props room manager
  • Costumes manager
  • Rental manager
  • Lighting manager
  • Sound manager
  • Treasurer

There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.