1 Overview

Sit as a decision making member of Powerhouse Theatrical Society Board of directors and participate in all matters related to the sound management and fiscal responsibilities of the society.

Additionally, carry out the duties for the specific function of record keeping, filing and correspondence by ensuring the following:

2 Maintaining records:

  1. Record and file all meeting minutes
  2. Maintain a Monthly Action List
  3. Maintain a Board Motion Book
  4. Maintain and file all correspondence
  5. Maintain all records of the society except those kept by the Treasurer
  6. Send all Minutes to the Powerhouse office computer

3 Working with the President, Board members and general membership

  1. With the President, create and distribute meeting agendas
  2. Send all notices of General meetings via the Spotlight Editor to the general membership
  3. Attend all Board and General Meetings

4 Additional Duties

  1. Be responsible for the collection and distribution of Powerhouse mail
  2. Respond to the Powerhouse phone message machine
  3. Submit annual report to Society’s Branch
  4. As a member of the Board, when possible:
  • attend a few production rehearsals,
  • attend play readings,
  • be available to help with set strike

There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.