1 Overview

Sit as a decision making member of Powerhouse Theatrical Society board of directors and participate in all matters related to the sound management and fiscal responsibilities of the society. Manage all costs within the assigned financial budget.
Additionally, carry out the duties for the specific function of external communication and promotion of the PHTS by ensuring the following:

2 Playbill

  1. That the annual season playbill be drafted in consultation with the artistic chair and artistic
    committee and board as a whole.
  2. The printer of record graphic designer is consulted and input sought.
  3. A minimum of three drafts of the playbill are discussed and approved by the appropriate board
    members and Director of communications.
  4. The approved playbill must be circulated throughout Vernon and area by:
    • bulk mailing
    • to all season ticket holders of record
    • newspapers
    • television
    • Ticket Seller
    • Facebook

All distribution must be in place by August 15.

3 Contractual Responsibilities

  1. Review current printing contract 6 months prior to expiration and make necessary adjustments and discussions with board.
  2. Calls for bids (minimum of 3) in the community based on approved terms of reference.
  3. Form selection group (3 directors) and award contract to successful bidder.

4 Planning

Development of Poster and Program Covers – throughout any particular season:

  1. Ensure representation at production meetings to participate in the development of the production schedule and establish the poster deadline dates. Review all poster proofs at the production meetings.
  2. Ensure a strong liaison with the printers and their graphic designer.
  3. Together with the graphic designer discuss the poster schedule. Advise that the poster must be picked up and delivered to the theatre three weeks before preview night (date). Submit first rough draft to the director and administrative producer at least five or six weeks before preview night.
  4. Ensure the poster contains the Powerhouse logo, play title playwright’s name*, director’s name dates of run (including year), curtain time. Box office phone number should be dominant. There must also be, where applicable, a notation as to permission* to present the play. If there is excessive coarse language, use of strobe light, smoking on stage or suggestive sexual content, the appropriate warning should be on the poster.
    *check legal requirements regarding the size of print used for the playwright’s name and permission details listed in the front of the script. Verify the wording with the administrative director.
  5. Design poster including all necessary information and in keeping with established theme. Poster image should be the same as the program cover image unless a generic program cover is used. Proofs can be emailed and picked up at the printer. Review one, two or three proofs (in accordance with the print schedule) to the director and administrative producer for approval.
  6. Discuss sizes (up to 3) as necessary and quantity breakdown with the director and administrative producer and advise graphic designer.
    * Example: We have 100 full size sheets to work with.
    70 11” x 17” large posters
    80 8.5” x 11” medium posters
    80 3.5” x 2.0” handouts
    * example only and can be changed by the director
  7. Ensure program covers are available (in keeping with contract requirements) to person assigned to develop the program.

5 Advertising


  1. Read and become familiar with the play and the run dates.
  2. Ensure set up of read-o-graph above the theatre entrance as well as the one on the east side of the theatre. Letters are kept in box in coat check area.


  1. Ensure all television and radio interviews are scheduled in appropriate timing. Confer with the director or producer as to who is most appropriate to be there.
  2. Ensure contact with newspapers. Try to find a newsworthy angle regarding the play or its people for the reporters and photographers. If it is necessary to supply them with photos, contact production photographer. Make sure you clear this with the director.
  3. Ensure use of the radio and televisions stations’ public service announcements to advise public of play dates, when and where to obtain tickets, etc. Check any available public service columns with the newspapers.
  4. Ensure costs are kept at a minimum. If you have to buy advertising space determine when it will be most effective. Obtain copies of billing invoices for the producer.
  5. All advertising and media releases must include who, what, where, when and if appropriate, why. Have all copy typed before presenting to media. Provide imaginative ideas and copy about the play to the media. Provide media with updated information during the run. Include your name and contact number on press release.
  6. Ensure the poster development work with the program coordinators. If there is a special ‘theme’ carry it throughout your advertising and publicity.
  7. Identify new and unique areas for distribution of promotional material (hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.)
  8. Collect all newspaper clippings for archiving.

Post Production:

  1. Be there to help strike the set.
  2. Ensure take down of the read-o-graph both on the front and side of the building.
  3. Give all bills and receipts to the administrative producer and return the job description manual and keys to the technical producer.

6 Marketing

  1. Develop a marketing plan for the Powerhouse Theatrical Society by:
  2. Bringing promotional ideas to the board of directors for consideration and approval.
  3. Implementing programs to label and brand the PHTS to the public.
  4. Develop strategies designed to increase membership and season ticket holders.
  5. Ensure promotional materials are developed and placed in public high use areas (ie: PH ticket pouches at Ticket Seller)
  6. Use electronic distribution (via bulk mail) to Vernon area residents for playbills and posters by the printer of records.
  7. Awareness booths at fairs and malls as well as contests on Facebook and the radio.
  8. Form solid partnerships with service organizations and charities to promote theatre and culture in Vernon and area. Help foster interest in the PHTS for youth and underprivileged children and adults in the community.
  9. Develop PHTS members to assume duties above through progressive responsible duties.
  10. Sell advertising space to Vernon Business community for programs and ticket pouches.
  11. Ensure correct proper maintenance of the Powerhouse Theatrical Society website as maintained by the Webmaster.

7 Business Manager Responsibilities

  1. Book complementary tickets for Powerhouse shows and other “comps” as requested by the Executive.
  2. Receive and report from Ticketseller to Powerhouse.
  3. Receive updates from ticket sales from Ticketseller. Compile a weekly report to Admin Producer two weeks before opening and weekly during run of each production.
  4. Upon completion of shows pick up the settlement, check for errors or omissions and deliver the cheque to the Powerhouse Treasurer. Report the outcome to the Board.

There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.