The Artistic Committee Liaison is a member of the Powerhouse Theatrical Society Board.  Generally, this position is selected/appointed from one of the Directors at Large following the annual selection of Officers.  The Artistic Committee Liaison is the main source of communication between the Artistic Committee and the Board and strives to ensure that the Artistic Committee’s recommendations, requests, and updates are accurately reflected to the Board in an unbiased and objective manner.

1 Overview: (throughout the year)

  1. Sit on the Board as a participatory member involved in the decision making of Powerhouse Society’s Board of Directors.
  2. Ensure a clear understanding of the Artistic Vision and Goals and Objectives of the Powerhouse Theatrical Society.
  3. Represent the Society to the Community with regard to standards, reputation and growth.
  4. Ensure that 2 new Artistic Committee members are appointed by May of each year according to the criteria outlined in the Artistic Committee job description and per any procedures that the Powerhouse Society Board may wish to initiate for the selection of Artistic Committee members.
  5. Ensure that new prospective members understand the function, responsibilities, duties and terms as outlined in the Artistic Committee job description.
  6. Once there is a full slate of members for the incoming Artistic Committee ensure with the Committee that a Chairperson is selected from the group.
  7. Review annually with the Artistic Committee and the VP Productions the AC job description and present any proposed revisions to the Powerhouse Theatrical Society Board.

2 Monthly Duties:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings – present reports as required.
  2. Attend all Artistic Committee meetings as able and if unable receive the minutes and any reports from each meeting from the Chairperson.
  3. Ensure a recording secretary is appointed at each Artistic Committee meeting.
  4. Receive reports from the Chairperson of the Artistic Committee for presentation to the Board.
  5. Prepare reports on issues or concerns arising from Artistic Committee meetings including a presentation of a suggested selection of plays and directors (by April of each year) for the upcoming season as well as any workshops proposed for the current season.


There is to be no disposal or sale of any asset of Powerhouse Theatrical Society, without the express permission of a department head or director. There are no exceptions to this policy. This includes but is not limited to props, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tools or costumes.